Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hobbies and Interests

Dale Kroeker 2010
This Blog is a compilation of my various Hobbies I have, as well as my various day to day routines which have impressed me. My Hobbies/interests include Hiking and Backpacking, (This includes equipment for backpacking), online service projects, Family History, Music, and reading. I will be adding links to various sites to this page in future posts..

As you can tell, many of my interests do involve the church in which I do belong. (The church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints.) Although I am a member of the LDS Church, I do not represent the Church as a whole. I will however do my best to interpret my views the best I can on Church info. Feel free to click on the side links or the video playlist below to get more information about the church and its values. You can also click here for my Pinterest board on my beliefs.  You can also click here for my other blog on Share LDS Beliefs.


Our family consists of 7 people: We Have from left to right top row, Jared, Myself and Adrian. In the Middle row from left to right is Jason, My wife and Daniel. Kneeling on the bottom is our only daughter Chelsea.
I have started a family blog and can be found here. This blog has activities such as what we did as a family as well as photos.
Recently, Our family attend Armstrong family Reunion, and those comments can be found on the Family blog or on my Family History Blog.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Church Activities

As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ, I have had many oppurtunities to be of service to other people. I have been a primary teacher (twice), Elders quorum secretary, Ward Family history consultant, Stake Family History Consultant, Family History Librarian (ten years), financial clerk (three times), membership clerk, and my present calling as a Ward Clerk. My favourite callings have been involved with doing Family History Work.

 I have had the oppurtunity to help out in a number of community service projects put on by Church Members.
  • This includes being part of food drive for our local Food Bank. The members would distribute flyers on an assigned route into the community to tell when we would be out picking up the food. On the specified day to pick up the food, we would then go out  in our same assigned routes, pick up the food, and drop the food off at the church.  We would the food  onto the Food bank trucks.
  • The members in our ward (local church unit) have also assisted in volunteering for building houses for Habitat for Humanity. This was of interest to me, especially when one of those houses they were assisting to build was my house. We spent one Saturday to assist in the construction. Much was accomplished that day.
Life itself has had its fare share of trials and problems. The church and the gospel is like the glue which has kept things put together. The amazing thing is that I am still happily married to my wife of 26 years. I have been able to view things on a more eternal perspective. Some challenges can be resolved now while other problems may need to be resolved after this life is over.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Family History.

For the last 32 years, I have had an interest in Family History. During this time, I have been a Family History Librarian, Stake Family History Consultant, Ward Family History Consultant. I have really enjoyed my time in the service in family history. When I first started family history, everything was done by paper and pen. You needed to go to a family history library or use snail mail correspondance to find information on your ancestors. Now family history is done on computers, internet and email. There are websites devoted to finding your ancestors. One such site is the Family Search site put on by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints.  This site is free for anybody to use or contribute. Some of the records are now online for others to view.
Have you ever wanted to create a family history fan chart to pin on the wall, at home, or for a family re-union? This web site will help you create a fan chart. If you have not signed up, You will need to use your user name and password created while you were in family search or go to the login page to create an account. Your information will need to be in the family search site already for the fan chart to work.

If you want to contribute your family history, you can go to the family search site and enter your information.

If you want to volunteer in family history online, you can index records . This will help to make many of the online records searchable.

As a member of the LDS Church, family history work has become a very significant part of my life. We believe that the family unit can exist beyond this life and not "till death do us part." We do vicarious work for our ancestors in the LDS temples built all over the world. A display widget on the left side which shows many of the LDS temples.

One of the new terms in which you will here of in family history is to get your family history, "In the clouds". What this means in family history terms, is to  store or put your family history on a central database to share or collaberate. (This becomes useful, especially if you have stored alot of your genealogy on your own personal computer, and then your computer crashes!).  I have started a family history blog on my ancestors and can be found here.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Online Service Projects.

"Helping in the Vineyard" is a web site dedicated to assist people in serving online. This is open to LDS members as well as non members. Some of the projects include, Family search indexing, Adding image search words, Contributing of photos, Translating documents. You can also click on the Helping in the vineyard in the right column to get to this site. The 2 projects in which I like to do are Family search indexing, and adding image search words. Another link you can go to is The Be Creative link to the lds website. At this site, you can submit photos, videos, submit music, as well as other items on their website.
On July 2nd, Family Search Indexing Volunteers set a record for the number of records being indexed. 7,258,151 Indexed 3,082,728 Arbitrated 10,340,879, Total.  This was done by 46,091 indexers and arbitrators who participated in this historic event. I managed to get in some names.  I was working on the 1940 Census Records for the United States.

Another cool Family History Related activity is found at the Billion Graves Web site. If you have a smartphone, Ipad, Ipod, or Tablet with a camera, You can go to a cemetery near you and take pictures of the gravestones.  These pictures can then be downloaded to their website for other people to index. These indexed records will eventually go onto the Family Search web site for others to see.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hiking Equipment

Another hobby in which I have is Hiking/backpacking. Before you can go Hiking, you need the appropriate equipment to aid you in your adventure. The following are some of the items in which I have used so far while backpacking. Feel free to add to the posts.

In the above picture I am wearing a number of items which may be of interest to you..

The first item is called a 2C solar light cap. I have found this useful for the following night time activities, Walking the dog, reading or setting up at camp, as well as power failures. No need to use batteries. Wear it during the day, and the solar panel in the cap will keep it charged.

The next item is called the Ribz Frontpack. While Hiking, have you ever needed something, but remembered that it is buried deep in your backpack? With the front pack you can put such items in the front for easy access.  These included items such as Flashlights, maps, snacking foods, gloves, etc.

The next item is called Geigerrig Hydration Pack. This unique design allows you to have pressurized water to used while backpacking or Hiking. Go to the website to see the other benefits.

The equipment on the left is called a Kelly Kettle. I got this from Ireland and it comes in 3 sizes. This size is the largest they have and would ideally used for car camping or for a base camp.  These kettles are made of either aluminum or stainless steel.  This one is stainless steel. In the snow, it took about 5 minutes to boil the water. Outside temperature is about freezing.
I used a fire starter and newspaper to get the wood going as well as wood chips. to keep it going. The hole at the bottom is facing the wind to create the updraft needed. very little wood chips were needed to keep the fire going. (Enough chips to fill the bottom tray.)
To lift the fire from the bottom tray without getting burnt, I lifted the  handle in a horizontal position until it was well away from the bottom tray. I used the cork and chain to act help in the pouring the water out of the kettle.
I used the leftover water in the kettle to put out the fire out. The cleaning of the kettle afterward was not a problem as much of the ash and soot came off of the inside chimney and the bottom pan.

The Next item In which I have for Hiking gear is called the Clarke Jungle Hammock. There are various styles. This one is the North American. I liked this Hammock quite a bit with quite a bit of features built in. I liked the bug net which have kept the mosquitoes out.  I also liked the side pouches on both sides of the Hammock. I found these pouches useful in storing much of my camping gear and clothes. This hammock also has an extra layer of protection which goes over the bug net. The fly on top of the Hammock also acts to keep the rain out. If there is too much rain, I can close the top fly against the hammock body. I have not got cold in this
Hammock as I have been using an Exped mattress inside the Hammock. Set up time is about 15 minutes. Take down time even shorter. Finding trees at the correct distance to set up the Hammock may be a challenge, (If you are assigned a campground.) . I find sleeping in this hammock okay.  I just need to force myself on the back. If you are a stomach sleeper, this may be a problem.  There are other hammock (Bridge Hammocks) which may be more ideal for stomach sleepers.

For the Light weight Hikers here are some shoes which you may like. These are called the Vibram Five Fingers shoes. This web page displays the shoes best for Treking (Hiking).  I own a pair of Vibram Five fingers Sport Trek shoes. I also have a pair of KSO  shoes.

The shoes on the left are the KSO while the shoes on the left are the Sport Trek shoes. Notice the extra grips on the bottom of the Sport Trek shoes.

These shoes can take some time to get use to. First, in getting them on. You need to get these shoes on much like you get a glove on your hand. I have found it best to get the big toe and the little toe lined up first. I have also found it best to get the 5 toes in before pulling the shoe over the heel of foot. Also, when you get them on for the first time, you will notice that you will only be able to walk for short distances at a time. This is because you are using muscles you have not been using before. There is an adjustment period to get use to the shoes.  The shoes have a tendency to force your feet to "move naturally." After a weekend Hike or two days of use, you will need to put them in the washer. They need to Dry naturally (To avoid shrinking in the dryer.) I have had my KSO shoes for 2 years and I can still fit them on. (No Shrinking.)
Now for the good news. It feels like your bottoms of your feet are getting a massage. expecially on grass. I have noticed that these shoes can be used for watersports, especially for paddle boarding (this is one thing I would like to try in the near future.) I have used these shoes for a 18 hole round of golf and liked the feeling of the grass on my feet. I like these shoes. (Some call them slippers.)
The Kso, I usually use for walking close to home while I use the trek shoes, for more rugged terrain. As for stream crossings, I will need to find out if this will work. I have added a Youtube video in the video player below about the Vibram Five fingers. How much protection do these shoes offer in very rough terrain? There is some protection.

Another Item in which may interest you is the Biolite Camping stove. This device will not only boil your water, but will charge your Iphone, Ipod, or any other listening device.
I was able to order this stove on pre-order.
The stove has a built-in fan powered by a battery cased in the yellow housing unit.
This device requires initial precharging from your home computer. Te flashing orange light then changed to a solid orange light when ready. When you have the fire going, the solid orange light will change to a green light indicating that It is ready to charge your device. (See Picture).
It does throw out a lot of heat. It seems to be an efficient way to burn the wood in that there is very little ash left over. Best of all, there is little to no soot residue in the chamber. It does require some cool down period to cool down the stove. It comes in a carrying pouch.

More Hiking equipment ideas can be found on my pinterest board


I had the opportunity to sing in the Millwoods stake choir on December 10th and 11th. The choir sang Handel's Messiah. The turn out was great, and many people were very impressed with the performance. We had been practicing at the church every Sunday evening since September to do this production. The sound system made us sound pretty good. A recording of the performance was also made.

Another place I like to listen to music is on the Mormon Channel. You can click here to listen to the Mormon channel or here to the music channel.

My music interests include artists such as Josh Groban, Celine Dionne, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Ryan Dan.

Another musical group in which I was impressed with is called Vocal point. They were recently in the NBC program The Sing off. (An Capella group) from BYU Provo. Their music can be found on itunes.

Here is a group that I really like on Youtube. they are the Piano Guys.  I have created a playlist of many of my favorurite songs from this group and I hope you enjoy it